Are You a Candidate for Angioplasty?

If you have suffered a heart attack, have been diagnosed with any form of heart disease, or are experiencing intense chest pain without a diagnosis yet, you may be a candidate for angioplasty at Lakewood Cardiovascular Consultants. Here, Dr. Erick Calderon explains angioplasty and who gets the procedure.

What is angioplasty?

Put simply, angioplasty is a procedure that doctors perform to improve blood flow in people with heart disease. It’s a very common procedure, with doctors performing more than 1.2 million angioplasties in the United States each year.

During angioplasty, your doctor inserts a catheter into your affected artery, using imaging such as X-ray to guide him. With the catheter, your doctor carefully threads a tiny, deflated balloon through your blood vessel to the affected area. Once the balloon is in place, your doctor inflates the balloon to displace the plaque responsible for blocking or narrowing your artery. Your doctor then deflates the balloon and removes it.

Types of angioplasty

Under the angioplasty umbrella are two main procedures: balloon angioplasty and stent placement.

Balloon angioplasty involves the procedure described above, wherein your doctor threads a balloon through your artery to open it up. 

Stent placement is conventional angioplasty plus the permanent placement of a wire mesh tube. Your doctor inserts the stent into the affected artery in order to keep it from closing up again after angioplasty. The stent is permanent, so it reduces the possibility that you’ll have to return for another procedure or surgery.

Who gets angioplasty?

The most common reason that patients undergo angioplasty is to restore blood flow after a heart attack. However, people get angioplasty for other reasons, including: 

Essentially, any condition that involves blocked or narrowed arteries, or reduced blood flow to your heart, can potentially benefit from angioplasty. 

If you think you may be a good candidate for angioplasty, visit Dr. Calderon at Lakewood Cardiovascular Consultants to discuss your symptoms, medical history, and current conditions and medications. 

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